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Turkish Culture cultural examples in Video

Come closer, listen, contemplate. Enjoy some examples of the rich Turkish culture. Compare them with other cultures, and perceive what they have in common, and what complements them. Turkey is an example of an unforgettable cultural mix and richness.

He knows Turkish folk dances, and tries to imitate their steps, gestures and soul.

Hatay is a shining example of a cultural mix, with multiple manifestations that could be seen in a historical exhibition.

Ebru is made by passing motifs created with specially prepared paints through water. There you have an interesting demonstration.

Turkish culture is also manifested in its rich cuisine. Come here to experience its richness, and learn how it is made.

Watch this video to get to know Hatay, a historic, beautiful and interesting mix of different cultures.

This is a traditional dance called Zeybek, typical in the Western Anatolia region. Do see any common point with other European dances?