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Romanian cultural examples in Video

Come closer, listen, contemplate. Enjoy some examples of the rich Romanian culture. Compare them with other cultures, and perceive what they have in common, and what complements them.

The Bear Dance, from when bears were sacred, they healed people, aged and danced.

Călușari. A magical feast that comes from the Dacian ancestors. Still magnetic.

A spiritual treasure of the Romanian people, singing in Christmas: Colind barbatesc.

Romanian way o being thorugh thoughts, feelings and convictions regarding problems of life, between the nature and time, about himself. It’s called Doina.

Fecioreasca si Calusarii. Romanian lad’s dance, valuable, but also special. It was named by UNESCO “Lad’s dance”.

The romanian potter is considered sent by God as he gives life to clay; and the clay is considered to have special properties. Beautiful and magic.