Cultural local partners

Cultural local partners

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Cultural local partners

Association Center for Dialogue Bucharest

Is an association established by the Bucharest City Hall. Association Center for Dialogue Bucharest comes to the support of the Bucharest Municipality, bringing to the same table three broad categories of actors: public institutions, economic organizations and civil society, so that we can organize public debates in which citizens and other stakeholders can participate, in order to conduct an exchange of views on certain topics. Association Center for Dialogue Bucharest aims to develop the community, social dialogue, promoting civic and social values, art, stimulating mass sports, developing a suitable environment for carrying out educational, social, sporting, cultural and scientific activities, promoting volunteering, citizen participation and promoting European democratic values.


The European Cultural and Youth Center UNESCO “NICOLA E BALCESCU”

Is a public service subordinated to the Local Council and City Hall of Sector 4 of Bucharest, whose main activity is the development of local, national and international cultural projects. The European Cultural and Youth Center UNESCO “NICOLAE BALCESCU” intends to initiate and develop links with public institutions, cultural associations and other non-governmental structures, in order to diversify the local cultural offer, to promote the cultural identity of sector 4 and of the city of Bucharest. Our aim is to establish and develop a collaborative relationship with the public institutions in the Sector and not only, but also with cultural associations and other non-governmental structures in order to diversify the cultural offer, to promote cultural identity of the sector as well as the promotion at international and national level of the
Romanian values.


The Bucharest Metropolitan Library

Is a network of public libraries for all Bucharest residents. Its mission is to facilitate free and non-discriminatory access to fundamental cultural rights, serving as a community center that actively supports information, research, education and recreation of the inhabitants of Bucharest and Ilfov County and that actively contributes to improving the quality of life of Bucharest residents through its innovative and the integrated program of public services.

Facebook: Biblioteca Metropolitana Bucuresti

Prahova Valley Folklore Association (Asociatia Folclorica Valea Prahovei)
Promotes and maintains the beauties of Romanian dance, songs and traditions.

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Art Museum Craiova activities:

    • Organizing temporary exhibitions with the best contemporary artists;
    • Publish monthly articles connected with art and cultural events;
    • Organizing concerts in the saloons of the museum Art Museum Craiova has a long-term partnership regarding children’s education (especially art education providing information to the local community).

Key staff:

Mr. Emilian Stefarta, director of the Art Museum in Craiova, as background being architect has one of the institution’s important goals for the coming years is to identify and acquire valuable new exhibits for the benefit of the visiting public.

Mr. Lucian Florin Rogneanu implemented good projects and has partnerships in Romania in this sector field (art and creativity). The main short-term objective remains the reopening of the Art Museum, after the extensive rehabilitation works of the building in which the institution operates.

Their expertise is to develop and to build a better future for people by making changes to the lives of people in the local community through art.


House of Cul ture “Constantin Brancoveanu” from Horezu

Founded in 1968, was and is the nucleus around which all local cultural events revolve. The house of culture fulfils the following objectives:

    • Organizing and carrying out cultural
    • Artistic and permanent education activities;
    • Preservation and transmission of moral and artistic values;
    • Organizing and supporting amateur artistic groups;
    • Organizing or supporting the documentation activity, the permanent and temporary exhibitions, the elaboration of monographs and public information works;
    • Organizing scientific and technical circles, folk and plastic arts;
    • Organization and development of continuous professional training courses.
    • In capitalizing on the artistic heritage of folk creation, Horezu has a special merit by organizing, for 41 years, the Romanian folk pottery Fair “Hurez Rooster”, which brings together, at the beginning of each summer, clay artists from all over the country. By collecting the ceramic objects donated by the potters at each edition of the fair, the patrimony of the Gallery of Contemporary Folk Art from Horezu was established. Organized in a space built especially for this purpose, at the “Constantin Brancoveanu” House of Culture, in Horezu, the Gallery houses several thousand pieces of Romanian folk pottery, highlighting them, protecting them and keeping them for posterity. Unique of this kind in the country, the exhibition in Horezu offers a representative image of this craft on the entire Romanian territory.