restART for ART Project

The Association “Center for the Development of Structural Instruments” together with the transnational partners Belen Kaymakamlığı (Turkey), Creative Minds for Culture (Latvia) and Academia Postal 3 Vigo (Spain) have carried out the “restART for ART” project, from March 1st 2021 to February 28th 2023.

This project has been funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ program, Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships for Adults.

RestART for ART has been focused on acquiring professional skills for adults in two key areas of creation: music/performing arts and intangible cultural heritage.

The objectives achieved by the restART for ART project has been:

  1. Skills improvements have been achieved forfinancially independent adult artists in partner countries working in independent creative industries and identify new opportunities to promote these industries in the context of the health crisis.
  2. The awareness among adults in partner countries has been increased of the importance of the creative sectors for European cultural identity, with a focus on music / performing arts and intangible cultural heritage,
  3. Access to digital media on intangible cultural heritage for adults has been improved in partner countries at the consortium level.

The results of the project are:

  1. A mapping about the situation of the creative industry sector in the countries involved.
  2. An international music album, with the participation and mutual collaboration and exchange of 24 artists from each country. Four mobilities with their corresponding training activities were organised, encouraging musicians and singers from different European countries to leave behind the old local paradigm, and to start thinking professionally with a European scope.
  3. An artistic management guide to enable independent artists to organise events, including the use of the latest online tools.
  4. An interactive online platform on intangible cultural heritage.

These great results have been presented to the general public, and to the local artist communities, at events in Romania, Latvia, Spain and Turkey.

Intellectual Outputs

Product 2: Music Album

The meetings of musicians and singers from four different countries in the different mobilities have provided a truly valuable space for musical collaboration; a timespace where 92 people learned to collaborate with people from other cultures and participated in 4 exchanges organised by intercultural groups which generated 11 songs that were composed, rehearsed, recorded and produced during the restART for ART activities.

Young and veteran musicians and singers, artists with established careers and independent musicians looking for new horizons, percussionists, singers, guitarists, classical, rock, or avant-garde players; from Romania, Turkey, Latvia and Spain, working together and demonstrating that it is possible to do something really good even having a very different culture and living far away.

Enjoy the music album “restART for ART”, and the following video clips, which will surprise you!

Here are the 4 concerts that took place in 4 countries, with musicians from Romania, Latvia, Turkey and Spain collaborating together. Enjoy them!

Product 4: Virtual interactive platform of intangible heritage

This product is the on-line platform you are looking at right now. Enjoy its nooks and crannies, the possibility to get to know the culture and art of four very different and interesting countries; dive into its videos and dare to try its interactive activities. Download its products, and use them. Enjoy the fabulous restART for ART new music.

And don’t forget to add your own mark on the forum, where you can show your culture or your own art openly.