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Cultural local partners, description and activities

Türkiye has a rich culture and history. Hatay Province has a significant role as it combines many civilizations and embraces countless cultural differences within its borders. The local partners that will take a key role in this project are Hatay Mustafa Kemal University Antakya State Conservatory, Belen Public Education Center and Iskenderun Modern Music Association. These three key institutions will be cooperating during the project in different roles from art to music and contribute to the achievement of the project goals.

Hatay Mustafa Kemal University Antakya State Conservatory: It has started its education life in 2018. After completing the faculty staff, Conservatory first admitted 30 students to the Turkish Music Department through a special talent exam in 2018. The Conservatory, which received 30 students in 2019 and 30 students in 2020, still carries out its education service with a total of 77 students, 13 instructors and 5 officers on duty. It is located in Tayfur Sökmen Campus in the Central District of Antakya. In the Turkish Music Department of the Conservatory, advanced Turkish Art and Turkish Folk Music lessons are given along with Western music theory at a basic level. In addition to the lessons of baglama, oud, kanun, ney, clarinet and violin in the field of Turkish Music, all students take basic piano and vocal training (singing) lessons according to their abilities. Opera-Singing, Musicology and Western Music Departments will be opened in the future. It organizes various musical concerts and folk dances at national and international events.

Belen Public Education Center: Public Education Centers are a provincial unit affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, General Directorate of Lifelong Learning. They are educational institutions that aim to make positive use of their free time, contribute to their personal development and increase their income for those who are out of the formal education age or who want to gain professional and social- cultural knowladge and skills together with formal education. Hatay Belen Public Education Center was founded in 1992. It is located in Belen, Hatay. Now, it is at service with a total of 3636 courses in 72 areas, including:

Literacy Courses: It is opened by Public Education Center to teach people how to read and write.

Vocational and Technical Courses: Skills Development and Gaining a profession is organized in order to prepare people who have not received vocational and technical education or have incomplete education for the profession , to gain knowledge and skills that can work in a workplace and establish their own business. Gaining a profession Aims to prepare people needed by the labor markets and those who want to get a job.

Social and Cultural Courses: It aims to raise the cultural level of the society, to support the social and cultural development of people; to gain knowledge and skills; to complete their incomplete general education; preparing for a higher education exam; to protect our cultural values; It is organized to enable people to spend their leisure time with a higher quality and productivity.

Iskenderun Modern Music Association: This association was founded in Hatay in 2007 by valuable musicians and academics. It was established to keep Turkish art music alive, to bring music lovers together and to contribute to society a cultural sense by giving concerts. There are musicians who are master of specific musical instruments such as lute, violin, kanun, ney, guitar and clarinet. The association organises and performs concerts in different local institutions such as Iskenderun Concert Hall, Hatay Nursing Home, Iskenderun Sorority and so on.

Ney (musical instrument)

Kanun (musical instrument)