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Latvian cultural examples in Video

Come closer, listen, contemplate. Enjoy some examples of the rich Latvian culture. Compare them with other cultures, and perceive what they have in common, and what complements them.

The Nationwide Latvian Song and Dance Celebration is one of the largest choral events in the world and takes place in Riga, Latvia. 

Dainas are Latvian traditional folksongs, and there are thousands of them. Here you have one interesting example.

See the making of a quite common salad for Latvians and often used in celebrations or eaten as a quick everyday meal.

Here you an listen one of the Latvian musical masterpieces included in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list, playing the Ieviņš type diatonic harmonica.

The art of pottery making in Latvia dates back to ancient times, but the techniques used to create these pieces are still used to create beautiful and useful pieces of art.